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A little story for you.

The room filled with the noxious odor of morning coffee and cigarettes. Or, though it seemed to Jeremy. He imagined tiny, foul smoke trails behind each fleck of spittle that sprang from the mouth of his co-worker, Daniel, who was frantically trying to convey some information from the “home office.”

Daniel had a habitual reaction to any communication from the home office. Jeremy called it “freaking out.” Heavy breathing, jittery tobacco-stained fingers through a greasy mop of dark hair, hurried, staccato steps, sifting through random stacks of paper; this was the usual fare.

So accustomed he had become to such activity, Jeremy barely registered the disturbance. 

“Hey, Daniel. You can breathe easier if you close your mouth. Did you know that? Breathe through your nose.”

Jeremy’s advice was disregarded as Daniel continued his ritual.

“We need to order some t-shirts.” Daniel responded. “Like, today.”

Speaking to himself, Daniel muttered, “I have no idea where you’d even start with something like that.” 

Ignoring Daniel’s apparent need for an inner dialogue expressed into the open air, Jeremy said, “I wish there was some way that people could search for answers to questions on some sort of computer network, or something. That would be nice.”

“You’d type in something like, ‘custom t-shirt printing Tulsa,’ and a bunch of businesses would show up on a list. A Googolplex of options right before your very eyes. If I could invent that tool… if only.” Jeremey trailed off.

“Haha, that’s so funny.” Daniel said in a deep, oafish tone. “I KNOW… geez.”

With that, Daniel plunked down into his office chair and smacked his fingers onto the keyboard a few times until the computer display flickered to life.

“So, you think ‘custom t-shirt printing Tulsa?’ I was thinking ‘t-shirt companies Tulsa,'” Daniel asked. “What if I said, ‘custom t-shirts Tulsa?’”

“Sure, whatever.” Jeremy said.

Daniel announced, “OK, here’s one. It’s the first result. ‘Customer Ink,’ or something. They are… expensive and slow and faceless. Based in Washington DC, so that’s something I guess.”

“Do you really want to trust a faceless, far-away company with your custom t-shirts?” Jeremy said in a television announcers voice.

“What are the other options?” Jeremy asked.

“There’s one called ‘Dust Bowl T-shirt Company’ on here. They have a lot of good reviews. Looks like they’re local.” Daniel responded.

“How do you contact them? What’s the website like? Let me look.” Jeremy said.

Jeremy pulled up the website and was immediately taken by the nice image that greeted him at the top of the page.

“I’m in love.” Jeremy exclaimed. “Who are these people and where have THEY been for the entirety of my life?”

Dust Bowl T-Shirt Company’s long answer:

We’ve been right here, Jeremy. We’ve been right here the whole time.

Well, maybe not the WHOLE time. I’ll explain.

I got my start printing t-shirts in 1990. It was my first job out of high school. I always had a knack for graphic design, and had designed my first t-shirts while still in high school. While attending a local community college, I needed to find some employment, so I looked at the classified ads in the Mid-Cities Daily News. That was a newspaper that was still printed on actual paper back in 1990. All of the papers were, in fact, printed on paper back then.

Ours was usually waiting in the walkway that led to our front door each morning. It was wrapped with a single rubber band, and inside lay treasures to behold. 

My little brother, Robby, was frequently highlighted for his various football and baseball achievements. I had been a singer in the choir and an artist in highschool, so my name was obviously not found among the pages of the small newspaper.

It mattered not, however. I needed a job.

I found a small ad for a screen printing shop in Irving, Texas. They were looking for a press operator, no experience necessary. I made a call, because there were no email addresses published in the paper back then, and I was given an appointment time for my interview.

I have no memory of the interview, which is strange, seeing that it was my first real, “nine-to-five” interview attempt. I must have mentioned that I had designed some t-shirts in high school and had a graphics background. I might have seemed like no risk, being so new to the real world.

In any case, I got the job and started learning the ins and outs of the decorated apparel world. I worked in that shop for the next fours years and only left the job when I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in February 1994.

For a short time I worked as a screen printer in Tulsa. A framed art company called “Bright Star Designs” need printed paper backgrounds on which to place various 3D designs that were then framed and sold in gift shops, etc. I didn’t keep that job long, because, well… I had met a girl named Sarah.

We actually met the year before while working on staff at a summer camp. She was the reason I moved 400 miles from north Texas to Tulsa in 1994. After that, life took off and my road took me into web development and graphic design for my “grown up” career. I really did fall in love with the screen printing world though. I was always drawn back. In 2008, I bought a small press and thought about starting a shop. That shop was put on hold when my web job relocated us again.

I didn’t get the chance to try the t-shirt shop again until 2015. That’s a long road back to where I came from, but I’m glad to be here now.

To swing this big rig around as to the subject at hand, when you contact us, you’ll likely be speaking with Sarah. She’s the “People Person” on this motley crew.

She will answer your questions about getting your custom t-shirt job rolling and walk you through the process with ease.

Buying custom printed t-shirts can be complex at times. We are here to try and make that process easier.

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