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All about Dust Bowl T-shirt Company

we really love t-shirts

OK… that sounds odd, or extreme. But it’s true. That is all about Dust Bowl t-shirt printing. Everyone has a favorite t-shirt from a concert, or vacation, or high school club… or something.

Not to get too philosophical about the whole thing, but these faded, cozy t-shirts can carry a story with them. They are a visual reminder. A little piece of another time. At least that’s what we think.

Because of this irrational, borderline obsessive love of t-shirts, we deliver top-quality printing that will withstand years of washing, wearing, drying and longing, distant gazes.

As a result, your brand and your message will live long and prosper, at least when compared to the quality you’ll get from the online bulk printers. They don’t love t-shirts in the same unhealthy way that we do.

As a result, your brand and your message will live long and prosper, at least when compared to the quality you’ll get from the online bulk printers. They don’t love t-shirts in the same unhealthy way that we do.

These days you have a lot of options when it comes to purchasing custom t-shirts. There are several big companies with a national reach that are available. They have slick online design tools and offer a lot of options in one place. The thing is, we’ve seen what happens when you get your shirts back from these vendors. If you’ve orders a left chest print, and it shows up high on the left shoulder, that’s what we’re talking about. Attention to detail.

The large online t-shirt sites rely on a network of small printers across the country to do the actual printing. The goal of these small printers is to get as much work through their shop is the shortest amount of time possible. They are running razor thin margins, so volume is the game… not quality.

We live here and want a long-term working relationship. We’ll deliver quality and exceed your expectations because we might see you in the grocery store the next day. We don’t want to hide behind the breakfast cereal when you walk around the corner. We want to see you wearing your awesome new t-shirt that we had the privilege of printing.

That’s all about dust bowl t-shirt printing and why you should choose us for your custom printing.


Plumber Custom T-Shirt
Business Custom T-ShirtGet a great new custom t-shirt design for your business - stand out.

Business T-Shirts

Who knew that your plumbing service, hardware store or restaurant could also be a fashion hub? I’m sure you didn’t, right? Sure, you can throw your logo on a t-shirt and be done. That’s just fine. We are all about dust bowl t-shirt printing here. You can do that, or you can let us design a shirt for your company that will get some attention. That’s the point, isn’t it. Because it will get your brand noticed. Let us help.

School T-Shirts

Band Camp, Robotics Club, Tennis Team, Football Boosters… there’s a ton going on at your school. What self-respecting school organization doesn’t also sport some mean threads?  A bogus, sad, barf-face one, that’s what. Get a “gnarly” shirt design from us. It’ll be “righteous.”


OK… this isn’t working. We’re old now, so we’re not up on the “lingo.” Just call us about your school t-shirts. Or text us… or something. Whatever you kids are doing these days. We’ll set you up.
Band t-shirt printing Tulsa
School Custom T-ShirtsWe are an approved vendor for Tulsa Public Schools. Call us for your custom school t-shirts.
Church Custom T-Shirt
Custom T-Shirts For Your Church or Non-ProfitYour volunteers will be proud to wear your logo on your custom t-shirt.

Church/Non-profit T-Shirts

So, you have a fundraiser coming up, or the kids are going to church camp in a month? Gotta get a t-shirt for this, or it’s just not the same, right? We can help you go beyond the standard event t-shirt to one that’ll be the talk of the town, or at least the church…alright, maybe just your friends… but still, that something. You know what? It’s something awesome, that’s what it is. Awesome!  AWESOME!! You can call us and we’ll stop yelling. Promise.

our staff

  • Sarah Rhom
    Sarah Rhom People Person

    Sarah loves people. She wants to know how you’re doing. She wants to know how your kids are. She wants to know if you’ve tried a good recipe for chicken enchiladas lately, and can you send it to her. She also wants to know how she can help with your t-shirt order. Sarah doesn’t answer the phone like she’d rather be doing anything else in the world but talking to you. She answers the phone and gets to know you and what you need to get your project off the ground. Do you need some artwork created for you shirts? What kind of weight do you like in a good t-shirt? That kind of stuff… also the enchiladas recipe. She’s been looking for a good one. Call her up get to know her. Get some shirts printed. We’ll be great friends. No purchase necessary.

  • Steve Rhom
    Steve Rhom printer person

    In 1990 – before the internet, before texting, before man discovered fire – Steve started working at a small screen printing shop in Irving, Texas. It was his first job after graduating high school, and it was a launching point that would lead him from graphic design, to a degree in Journalism, into the world of marketing and advertising and finally to web development. It’s been a long road to come full-circle back to screen printing. After so many years of living in the digital world, the real things started calling him back to printing. The tactile, real feeling of a perfectly printed t-shirt rolling off of the dryer still fills Steve with great satisfaction. Steve loves t-shirts. You can trust that he will bring this passion to your printing project.

kind words

  • Fantastic service start to finish! Wonderful to work with on the graphic design portion and then delivered shirts that everyone loved for our event!! Highly recommend them and will certainly use them again.

    Claire Johnson Camp Fire - Greater Tulsa
  • We ordered shirts/jerseys for our kids' baseball team and got a late start... after several other companies declined or offered a 2-week turnaround, we found South Tulsa Screen Printing. Steve responded quickly and got us taken care of. Great experience and quality service!

    Josh Naylor
  • Working with Steve has always been a pleasure. He has the ability to see what I'm thinking and then be able to convert that to art/design. Steve adds his own creativity and ideas every step of the way and therefore improves the overall project.

    Michael Staires Creative Director at St. George Creative
  • I want to say he we much we appreciate you working on this, going the extra mile and being so easy to work with! We've been buying regatta shirts for about 30 years, and this is the best experience ever.

    Donna McIntosh

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